Many of our members businesses are multi-generational and have been shareholders of the co-operative since its inception in 1964.
NZPM recognises and celebrates shareholder loyalty with membership awards that reflect the partnership that NZPM has developed with its loyal shareholder customers. Those shareholders who have over 50 years of co-operative membership include:
  • Mr IPH & Mrs BD Robertson
  • Mr Robert King
  • Mr Ivan Sleight
  • Menzies Plumbers Ltd
  • Pat O'Sullivan Ltd
  • F B Hall & Co Ltd
  • Padova Properties Ltd
  • T E Morris & Son Ltd
  • Park & Clarke Ltd
  • Chenery Contracting Ltd
  • C H Faul & Co Ltd
  • Wharfe Bros Ltd
  • Brockelsby Properties Ltd
  • John E Brewer Ltd
  • Ian Stephens Ltd
  • A G Foley Ltd
  • Palmer's Plumbing & Htg Ltd
  • Arthur Cates Ltd
  • P G Moore Ltd
  • Wairoa Plumbing Co Ltd
  • S G Churches Ltd
  • M R Ford Properties Ltd
  • R L Jeffries Plumbing Ltd
  • James B Malcolm Ltd
  • Temuka Plumbing Co Ltd
  • Heron Plumbing
  • Tauranga Hardware & Plumbing Ltd

Maurice and Bev Ford - 50 year recognition

P G Moore 50 year recognition