NZPM is deeply committed to making a positive impact on our wider community and is dedicated to supporting organisations and initiatives that reflect our values and concern for the needs and sustainability of current and future generations. We believe in giving back and being a responsible corporate citizen.

Local Initiatives

Our branches nationwide are actively involved in their local communities and support a range of initiatives to help those in need.

Supporting Major Charities

At a national level, we assist two major cancer charities: Bowel Cancer NZ, Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ. These organisations work to raise awareness, educate and support the community, and use funding to help with vital research for these life-threatening illnesses. Join us in supporting these organisations and making a difference in the lives of New Zealanders affected by cancer.

We proudly provide sponsorship to two charitable organisations, Big Buddy and Gumboot Friday, dedicated to empowering and assisting young individuals on their life journeys. Big Buddy matches boys without dads in their lives with volunteers, good guys with big hearts who help them grow into good men and Gumboot Friday gives young Kiwis, our precious rangatahi, free and fast access to qualified counselling.

Some of the most dangerous cancers are the ones we don’t like to talk about, however bowel and prostate cancer kill hundreds of us every year. Detected early, many cases are treatable, so Plumbing World is lending its support to two of New Zealand’s cancer charities to help fund vital research, education and awareness.

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NZPM 2023 Impact Statement

Financial year
April 2022 - March 23

Impact Report - Social

Impact Report - Wellbeing

Impact Report - Diversity & Inclusion

Impact Report - Social

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